Windows 10 and windows 7 dual boot problem

I had windows 10 installed on my HP laptop and then I installed Centos 7. The windows installation is on legacy bios. The Centos installation is also on bios mode. But I cant boot into Windows. I have tried to: a) config the grub. b) Install NTFS-3g, mount the windows partition and then config grub, c) manually add the windows 10 into grub The problem is that if Windows 7 is chosen at The boot screen there are no longer drivers available to allow the prior Windows 7 Ultimate to do anything; specifically keyboard and mouse are not ... Apr 25, 2016 · Anudeep Gunda wants to install Windows 7 on his Windows 10 PC with a dual boot. It’s relatively easy to install Windows 7 on a Windows 10 PC, so that you can boot from either operating system. you can "switch windows" to get *INSTANTLY* get back into your Windows 10 system, do whatever, and then "switch windows" to *INSTANTLY* get back into the window running the "virtual" Windows 7 system. Much much much faster than shutting-down Windows 10, dual-booting into Windows 7, shutting-down Windows 7, and dual-booting back into Windows 10.